Oxygen Concentrator w/ Nebulizer

Oxygen Concentrator w/ Nebulizer

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42 decibel damping silent technology.
 Eight-stage filtration upgrade system, no impurities, pure oxygen.
 Large screen display, intelligent voice, easy operation.
 1-7 liters of oxygen flow adjustment, oxygen inhalation atomization two in one.
 Infrared remote control, effective distance 1-3 meters.

  • Provides 90% oxygen concentration
  • Able to switch between the oxygen flow and nebulizer flow
  • Easy to view display provides real time information
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Incubators sold separately

Oxygen concentrator 1L-7L with built in Nebulizer 

1L :oxygen purity 90%±3
2L:oxygen purity 65%
3L:oxygen purity 55%
4L:oxygen purity 45%
5L:oxygen purity 40%
6L:oxygen purity 35%
7L:oxygen purity 30%

Included is 

Set of masks

1 Oxygen line Splitter for 2 Oxygen lines  


Remote Control